10 must have and best Android apps for kids


An American author, Fredrick Douglas once said:

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. 

This statement from a learned author is the justification of its own. A child is the name of hope, a new dawn, a symbol of love and indeed the architect of the future. In today’s world where the success and development in each and every aspect of life is beholden by technology, upbringing of our children is not out of question indeed. Gone are the days when the most likeable recreational game for the kids used to be a cardboard game with dices and plastic made items; the most popular outdoor fun was shooting Marble Balls or playing Tipcat. Current days’ kids are not into this stuff anymore. Rather they are more technical savvy and are always found holding a tablet or a smartphone that belongs to their near and dear ones. The question arises as what should be done, in order to make the kids learn from the gadgets they are holding? The answer to this question, is even more interesting than the question itself as now, one can find hundreds of apps and games for kids irrespective of the platform you are using. In this article, we will be giving a brief introduction of the best Android based apps and games that you can let your children play, in order to sharpen out their analytical and judgmental skills for a better tomorrow.

Apps & Games

Youtube Kids

Cartoons, one of the most vital part of a kid’s life are now online as well. In order to make it more kid-oriented, Youtube has launched its new version which has been developed only by keeping the younger audience into account. This app is free from every sort of inappropriate and immoral content and has only contains cartoons, technology news, moral lectures, abc songs and poems.

BrainPop Jr. Movie of the Week

This app is another fine addition into the well-stocked collection of best android apps for kids. The main character that pops up after getting online and paid subscription for this app, is Moby, The Robot. Moby actually becomes the partner of the kid playing the game and they both team up for various educational ventures like counting the cars in a certain image, color picking, guessing cross words and etc. By the end of every week, Moby gives an incentive of letting the kid watch a movie randomly picked for children.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition:

Minecraft, one of the most played game on this planet! A bold proclamation yes, but it is justified by the annual tournaments that are conducted globally and the revenue it generates. The kid-version is quite a delicate replica of the original game. Starter version is for kids who are playing it for the first time as it includes building structures and managing the whole setup within the game. Go on Kids!! World is yours to conquer!!

The Book Creator:

If you want your kid to be more creative and open to selection of colors, this app is second to none in sharpening the color picking skills of your child. It comes with a catchy interface with interactive layout especially designed for little fingers to browse around.

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant:

One of the most important part of the curriculum in Montessori education is to teach the young minds the names of fruits and vegetables. A little cute panda, acts as a host in this creative android based app for children. Now whatever dish your child is going to make, first he will have to identify and learn the names of vegetables, also taught in this app; and then cook what you desire to see in front of you.

The Oregon Trail:

This creative app is being considered the best and most sought after as it is a first person standard role-playing game. In this game, the kid has to control a trailblazer on its way towards western side of the earth. As it is developed by Gameloft, it comes with additional features available on purchase.

Dragonbox Algebra:

Here comes the app, most of the readers I hope, have been waiting for. Don’t worry dear parents, here at this point, you should present a standing ovation to the android developers who have made algebra easy to understand for your kids. In the form of an android based app for kids, this application has a really cool interface that is real catchy for the kids to interact and learn from just by rolling dices and arranging items.


In order to assess and sharpen the coding skills of a child, Tynker app is out there. Tynker usually provides the concept of code generation at the back end, while the kid only has to arrange/rearrange blocks from a place to another. This app is a perfect tool to introduce the abilities of critical thinking in the growing mind. It’s a free app and has got a lot of downloads and a huge fan following as well.


Games are an innovative way to teach your kids the concepts you want to teach them. Thanks to the visual simulation which makes it even easier for a kid or even an adult to learn with joy. Threes, is such an application, that teaches a kid to match the patterns and cross out once the pattern has been matched. Either the match occurs horizontally or vertically, points are earned that acts as a motivation for your kid and he keeps playing it till the ends.

World Atlas:

Children, as they are not mature enough to be unleashed by the parents to go and surf the world of internet by using Google or Wikipedia directly, an android based application has been developed with the sole purpose of teaching your kid the names, federal capitals and location of certain countries across the globe.

So go on and install one of these apps and let your kids try their hands and challenge their minds and I bet, you are not going to regret it.